NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy

Student Testimonials


“I spent an excellent week there. I took the course on leadership and professional English and it was amazing. NYU Shanghai is the first university I have ever visited. Instead of a class of sixty students, seventeen of us sat in a circle and talked about certain topics that the professor gave us. We had debates, we delivered speeches, and we improved ourselves in the process. The professors were patient and kind, and they gave us a lot of advice on our speeches. I met a number of friends who were really nice, and we kept in touch afterward.”

Incoming 10th Grader, Chengdu Foreign Languages School, Sichuan Province


“The course I took was “Tourism, Social Media, and Marketing.” I learned a lot about this new area, which was completely alien to me. We studied by listening to lectures, visiting companies and hostels, talking with managers, and having discussions in groups. Instead of memorizing professional concepts and definitions all day, we were exposed to real environments, giving us a clear understanding of the material.

Incoming 11thGrader, Suzhou High School, Jiangsu


“I am grateful to NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai for providing us high school students with the opportunity to be exposed to valuable courses and meet different people to share our ideas. It gave us a platform to showcase our intelligence and to understand NYU more deeply.”

Incoming 12th Grader, Yan’an High School, Shanghai


“At the NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy, I led a team for the first time. Although I was the youngest boy in the program, the members of the debate group offered me a chance to lead the team. Honestly, I was nervous at the time and didn’t know what to do. Nevertheless, my team members supported me a lot and encouraged me. I learned what the spirit of teamwork felt like and because of this spirit, we were able to achieve our goal.”

Incoming 10th Grader, No. 4 High School Affiliated with ECNU, Shanghai


“Because of High School Academy, I gained friends, professional knowledge, presentation skills, and most importantly, confidence. It took time, but when I finally got the certificate, it was all worthwhile.”

Incoming 12th Grader, No. 2 High School Affiliated with ECNU, Shanghai


“As a game lover, I chose the course “Video Game Design:  From Concept to Completion,” and I really enjoyed it. The course took place in the IMA studio, which is full of fun things and humorous students. The instructors, Marcela and Aven, were so knowledgeable and really patient with all of the students. I learned a lot about analog game design, Arduino design, scratch, and my favorite, the Makey Makey. I also got a taste of life at NYU Shanghai. Everything that I’ve learned and experienced will surely bring great benefits to my future life.”

Incoming 12th Grader, Shanghai Datong High School