Business and Marketing

To advance in today’s global business environment, one must develop an exceptionally broad array of intellectual skills. The modern business environment demands the ability to analyze problems rigorously, develop innovative and creative solutions, and to work effectively within the context of an organization. That in turn demands an understanding of the customers, the cultural and scientific contexts in which businesses operate, alongside an understanding of the techniques by which firms succeed in a competitive economy.

A successful business combines labor and capital to produce a good or service at a price and quality that customers want to purchase. In a complex business, different individuals often take responsibility for different aspects of that endeavor, such as operations management, marketing and sales, information systems management, and financial management. An effective business education should provide students with an overview of all these fields, together with an opportunity to explore some areas in greater depth.

The business and marketing major at NYU Shanghai is designed to help students develop knowledge and skills in marketing management, customer insights, brand management, pricing etc. It will provide students with a comprehensive preparation for the modern globalized business world. It builds upon the liberal education designed into the NYU Shanghai core curriculum: before entering the major, students will have developed an essential set of skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and oral and written communication. They will also have acquired a familiarity with the general cultural and scientific contexts in which businesses operate. Within the major, students obtain (a) a deeper understanding of the modern global business environment and its economic structure; (b) disciplinary skills in economics and statistics; (c) a focused introduction to finance, management, operations and organizations.

For information on course requirements please refer to pages 148-150 in the Academic Bulletin 2015-2016.

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