From the moment NYU Shanghai opened its doors in 2013, faculty, students, administrators and the public knew that this university would be different. Chancellor Yu and Vice-Chancellor Lehman look back on the first four years of 'the most audacious educational start-up'.


The NYU-ECNU Institute for Brain and Cognitive Science at NYU Shanghai is a new research collaboration with an innovative approach. As China ramps up its brain research, the institute is poised to have a global impact in the race toward understanding the brain.


NYU Shanghai students are as talented as they are passionateand are already earning recognition for their work. We hear from four students whose passion has won them awards in fields ranging from language to leadership, business and innovation.


In 2016, Andrew Hamilton became NYU's 16th president and has been a regular visitor to the Shanghai campus. On the occasion of his inauguration, he talks with NYUSH about his priorities for the Global Network and NYU Shanghai’s bright future.