NYU offers a variety of printing services to make facilitation of learning easy and convenient. We provide global standard printing service which can only print black and white as well as the Shanghai multi-function printing services which is easier to use.

The NYU Print Service is a global NYU service designed to allow students to quickly print documents such as essays or notes in black and white.

For more colorful printing, the NYU community (including faculty, staff and students) can use the NYUSH Pudong Campus Printers. This service is specific to NYU Shanghai, and makes printing quick and simple.

NYU also provide 3D printing and plotter to meet the diversity of the user requeriments. The special printing service is under RITS group, feel free to reach them to start your extraordinary explore with special printers.   

NYUSH-PudongCampus-PRINTERS (Color/Black & White) (Faculty and Students)

Downloading and installing printer drive

 Updating your printing service

Library Printers (Black & White Only) (Students Only)

Downloading and installing printer drive

 Updating your Pharos software

How to print

NYUSH-PudongCampus-PRINTERS (Color/Black & White) (Faculty and Students)

NYU_Print_Service_Shanghai (Black & White Only) (Students Only)