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Why Giving Matters

Whether through scholarships, fellowships, faculty endowment, or research endeavors, every gift supports the things that really matter here at NYU Shanghai. When you give, you not only invest in the people and projects that will take our pioneering, dynamic, and ambitious community to new heights, you also invest in NYU’s vision of a global university.

Fundraising Priorities


We want the world’s most talented students to be able to enroll and thrive at NYU Shanghai regardless of their financial circumstances. Gifts create scholarships that attract and support deserving students from across the globe and allow them to immerse themselves in the university experience without having to worry about their next tuition payment. Investments are about the future, and there is no future brighter than the future of young, curious minds.


Whether teaching and mentoring undergraduates or advancing research projects, Global Postdoctorate Fellows and Global Academic Fellows contribute enormously to the development and future of NYU Shanghai. Each contribution will help NYU Shanghai create unique, meaningful fellowships and attract the brightest graduates from around the world.

Faculty Endowment

Our faculty is transformative—in the classroom, to their fields of study, and to the world. They leave their mark as scholars and educators in areas that span neuroscience, history, economics, and the arts, upholding and enhancing NYU’s legacy as a world-class research institution. To continue attracting exceptional faculty and supporting their needs, we want to give them everything they need to guide young minds and undertake groundbreaking research.


As a world-class research institution, NYU Shanghai is dedicated to exploring the most poignant and pressing issues of our time. When you give, you provide vital funds that increase our capacity to pursue game-changing advancements in and across a wide array of disciplines. Furthermore, with a supported, empowered, and engaged research culture, our undergraduate students will be able to work with true experts and innovators in their fields.

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