Office of the Dean of Students

University Honors and Awards

The Office of the Dean of Students administers various student awards and honors, such as the NYU Shanghai portion of the university-wide President’s Service Awards. This program recognizes the distinguished achievements of students and student organizations for their promotion of learning, leadership, and quality of student life at NYU. Over the course of NYU Shanghai’s development and growth, additional awards will be announced and shared with the student body. In addition, we work closely on identifying students who would be strong candidates for prestigious external awards and fellowships.

Deans' Service Grants

Small competitive grants are awarded to support students making connections between their academic and cocurricular experiences at NYU Shanghai. The grants help defray costs to students participating in alternative spring break programs and other excursions beyond the immediate Shanghai area. Announcements are made periodically as opportunities arise. The program is jointly sponsored by the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Dean of Students.

Student Conduct

As a member of the NYU community, you will be held to a standard of conduct befitting of a scholar and a young adult. These standards of conduct will teach you the appropriate behavior for a professional and college graduate, while ensuring that our community is a safe, respectful, and supportive environment. Conduct is especially important at NYU Shanghai, where you are not only a member of our community but also a guest of Shanghai and the People’s Republic of China. The following documents outline the specific standards that you will be held to, but it is important in general to remember that your behavior and actions reflect on the University wherever you are in Shanghai or the world. Please review the following document to get a better understanding of these standards and the possible process and sanctions resulting from a violation: PDF iconNYUSH-Student-Policies-Aug13-2015.pdf

More information on policy violations and sanctions will be distributed to students at various times during the year. It is important to remember as you begin to study abroad that you will be held to the standards of each specific site’s policy and local country’s laws. It is suggested that you review these policies and laws before you arrive.

Reality Show

An NYU tradition since 2006, The Reality Show is collaboration between NYU Shanghai students and an international creative team based in New York. Through music, dance comedy and drama, the cast portrays the reality of life as an NYU undergraduate living in Shanghai and introduces new students to the broad compliment of health and wellness resources available to them. The production is written, produced and managed by NYU Shanghai Students and presented annually as part of new student orientation.