Exploring the Hall

NYU Shanghai Undergraduate Housing

All NYU Shanghai freshman and sophomores and Study Away Students are required to live in Green Center Residence Hall for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

Each student floor will be supported by a resident assistant (RA), an upperclass student who will support students’ transition to university and Shanghai life. RAs will also help develop community through programming and upholding a standard of conduct consistent with the expectations of NYU. Finally, RAs act as the first responders to any emergency in the residence hall, ensuring a supportive and safe environment within the residence halls.

In addition to the RAs, the Residential Life team supports all aspects of students’ life in residence. Made up of four professional staff members, the office includes the resident hall director and assistant director, who supervise the RAs and support the residence community at large. A professional staff member is also on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event of emergency and lives in the building with the students, providing greater oversight when needed. The Residential Life team is committed to empowering students to live an independent yet supported life in the residence hall.  

The hall has on-site public safety officers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who provide security for the building and act as yet another contact in the event of an emergency.

For additional information, please email shanghai.reslife@nyu.edu.

Resources on Campus

Students should review the following resources regarding logistics and basic housekeeping issues in the residence hall:

How to Submit a Facilities Work Order

It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain working order of the facilities equipment (lights, bathroom, furniture). Students with facilities and maintenance issues will need to report them immediately by emiling shanghai.facilities@nyu.edu. Damages caused by a student may result in a fine or penalty.

Linen Program

For students’ personal clothing, each floor will have access to laundry facilites. These facilities provide students with a quick and convenient way to keep clothes clean. Students will also be provided with a set of linens for their beds. Students will have the option to have these linens cleaned for them once every other week.  Please note that linens purchased by students will not be able to be washed by our team.

Study Spaces

In additional to the many spaces in the academic building, students will have quiet spaces to study and a computer lab in the residence hall. This will alleviate some of the tension that arises from having students with different schedules coexisting in a small space and let students come together to study in groups within their own living space. In-residence study spaces are just one way in which residential life furthers students’ ability to study effectively.

Fitness Center Facility

Students will have access to a fitness center in the Academic Building. NYU Shanghai is committed to developing our students’ minds and bodies.

Dining Services

Students will have access to an international cafeteria within the Academic Building. This cafeteria will have both Western and local options, allowing students to expand their palates while staying on budget. As the residence hall is in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Pudong, there are many eating options for students who do not want to travel to the academic building.