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Arts, Performance, Media

Anime, Comics, and Games (ACG)

Anime, Comics, and Games (ACG) has become an important part of Asian culture and is influencing the rest of the world. We are building a home for ACGers, providing them with a place to enjoy ACG culture and make friends. Also, we will be learning ACG-related skills and contributing to the ACG industry in the near future.

The Artists’ Guild

Our goal is to cultivate the artistic interests of and strengthen the bonds in the NYU Shanghai student body. We have been provided with very few art classes, so we have decided to create them ourselves. We intend to enlist students that display prowess in given artistic subjects and have them impart their knowledge to the rest of the club. This will build a platform for students who are interested in the arts to explore and develop their craft(s): a place where all the different art forms can come together. Art is a language that transcends cultures; our club has the power to unite the NYU Shanghai Class of 2017 and those to come.


Our goal is to facilitate and cultivate an appreciation for film as an art form among the NYU Shanghai student body. We hope to do this by creating a platform where students can watch films and then discuss and internalize them.

The Other Octaves

The Other Octaves will bring the NYU Shanghai community together through the passion of music without instruments, that is, vocal performance in its purest form: a cappella. We will blend cultures through the universal language of music and share the result with the communities of Shanghai and NYU Shanghai.

Singers, Producers, Songwriters, Musicians

Singers, Producers, Songwriters, Musicians (SPSM) will host rehearsals, coffeehouse-style talent shows, performances, jam sessions, and weekly music appreciation events. SPSM is dedicated to improving the musical literacy of all members. Our goal is to support our school with any music its events might need. SPSM is a club dedicated to promoting, appreciating, and discovering NYU Shanghai's very own musicians and music fans. We believe music, as the universal language, brings people together. We encourage and support talented individuals who wish to create, record, and collaborate on our diverse musical adventure; SPSM hopes to provide the chance for beginners and experts to get on stage and in the studio. Part music-appreciation club, part performance-composition workshop, SPSM offers a fun environment—a casual music-centric platform—for NYU Shanghai musicians and listeners alike.


As the original student-driven body for all things theatre at NYU Shanghai, the Thespians aim to create a club defined by its comprehensiveness: All the different elements of theatre performance, production, and appreciation will be incorporated as we share experiences and interests, review roles and scripts, cultivate potential and talent, and ultimately set the stage for it to come together. We appreciate the spirit of unified diversity that pervades the NYU Shanghai community and aim to reflect this in the choices we make—varieties of sources from all over the world will be considered, theatre enthusiasts of various levels of experience will come together, and all the different stories and theatre traditions that students bring to the table will be respected. Ultimately, the aim of Thespians is to enable all students who share a love for the stage (or backstage) to come together in an environment that is professional, respectful, and enjoyable.

Xiao Long Shakers

Xiao Long Shakers is a group comprised of dance lovers, both practiced and inexperienced, who wish to share their passion for dance. While committed to boosting morale in the community and improving overall skills of the club, Xiao Long Shakers also looks to foster and develop personal growth of members through self-expression and discovery of the art of movement.

Sports Clubs

Badminton Insanity

Born in Britain in the late-19th century, badminton has become a worldwide sport. Since people all over the world like to play badminton, we think it is necessary to form a badminton club in the school. The purpose of our club is to gather all the students who are interested in badminton and create opportunities to play together and meet new people. Our members don’t need to have a good command of badminton since we will also offer trainings. Our group members can promote their badminton skills, communicate with more people who have the same hobby, and, most important, exercise their bodies. We are also planning to have regular competitions available for all the other students to watch, which would also be beneficial to the whole community. Our aim is to offer students the most exciting activities in their spare time.

Solar Alpha Soccer

The goals of Solar Alpha Soccer is to be a platform for those who love soccer but may not be very good at it, to be an organizer for many kinds of activities related to soccer, to keep members active to increase their overall health, and to be a talent market for the school team.

Tennis Club

Our mission as a club is to bring a piece of home over to China. We want to create a friendly environment for tennis players of all levels to participate in and enjoy the game. We see it as a means to make new friends in a new context.

Volleyball Club

Our aim is to further develop the interest students have in volleyball by creating an enjoyable and lively atmosphere. Through volleyball, we will strengthen the relationships in the student body.


HOW it tastes

HOW it tastes will organize and run events celebrating different holidays from the various cultures, countries, traditions, and religions represented by the student body. We will place an emphasis on food, specifically on learning to select ingredients and preparing and cooking them in different ways according to recipes relating to holidays from many cultures. The specific holidays will be chosen through demographic research and surveys of the student body at NYU Shanghai. These celebrations will promote cultural education and understanding and a love of food. We will bring people from different cultures together through culinary discovery and celebration of various holidays and cultural traditions.

International Cultural Exchange

The International Culture Exchange (ICE) will focus on organizing study sessions and activities for student partners or groups of student partners to learn each other’s languages and cultures. We plan on having classroom sessions before each activity to review important skills and vocabulary. For example, if we learn about what to say and how to act at a dinner, we will plan a field trip to a restaurant the week after to utilize the information we learned.

Shanghainese and Shanghai Exploration Club

Shanghainese and Shanghai Exploration Club will organize activities which help all club members learn Shanghainese and explore Shanghai. Our activities will be divided into three parts. The first part is daily Shanghainese learning. The second is traveling around Shanghai and visiting museums, historic spots, and some landmarks. The last is tasting traditional Shanghainese dishes. We will visit places famous for their snacks, like Qibao Ancient Town and Yu Garden. During these activities, we will be immersed in the culture and gain a better understanding of it. That is our final goal.



Our goal is to create social awareness and to share the perspectives of LGBTQ students from around the world. We hope to create a safe space for everyone to be treated equally, whether straight or not. This will be a social space for people to interact, share, and generally move toward an environment where everyone can be comfortable with one another and themselves.


Green Shanghai

The mission of Green Shanghai is to spread awareness of environmental issues facing our school, our city, and the world. Additionally, Green Shanghai will act as a wealth of research information as members collect, analyze, and report various environmental findings throughout the city. By setting an example for students, teachers, and residents, the club can serve as a catalyst for positive change in our community, demonstrating the power of individual contributions and collaboration.


Book Friends

Our goal is to gather a group of friends to read books together. But it's more than just reading—it's also about exploring!


Investment Analysis Group

The Investment Analysis Group seeks to replicate the activities of a real investment group, letting students independently research potential opportunities in financial markets across emerging Asia and develop the skills it takes to tell a smart investment from a bad one. This would not be limited to finance and business students; the critical analysis, public speaking, and quantitative skills developed are useful for any discipline, and the club will be a way for those who do not study finance to gain some practical knowledge they will not find in their classes. The Investment Analyst Group seeks to build students’ skills so they can apply their knowledge, not just be a platform for lectures. These skills will help both in students’ academic development and their career prospects in any discipline.

Mirae Assets

The mission of Mirae Assets is to 1) put the business view and review into practice and offer a platform to develop and practice business skills based on things we learn in class; 2) cultivate the ability to build social bonds and lay out the foundation for future careers, jobs, and entrepreneurialism; and 3) gradually build high-quality interpersonal relations for our club members.

Startup Shanghai

The mission of Startup Shanghai is to explore the entrepreneurial community of this city and of China. Its members will learn about the traditions and practices of a modern start-up and the process of turning an idea into a product and then a business. We don't aim to provide financial or operational resources for creating a business, as those can be much better found at other sources, but rather to give students the knowledge and entrepreneurial exposure needed to pursue an idea successfully. Though our goals and our location dictate that we focus on start-ups in China, we will also explore the culture of Silicon Valley through various channels, including books, Hacker News, and current entrepreneurs. These concepts will provide an international perspective and give insight into global innovation.

Stern Political Economy Exchange

The Stern Political Economy Exchange (SPEX) leverages NYU's international network to open new doors for students around the world. SPEX is NYU's only student-run international organization with active chapters in New York City, London, and Shanghai. Through professional events, professor lectures, and international videoconference events, we seek to expand students' boundaries beyond the traditional classroom and to encourage students to question the possibilities of the world outside.

Undergraduate Business Association

The Undergraduate Business Association (UBA) at NYU Shanghai will serve as an outlet for students of all disciplines and majors to explore potential interests and talents and to get involved in all facets of the business world. Though some may view business as a secular field, we emphasize that the business world encompasses all disciplines, from engineering to the humanities. As such, it is our priority to establish the UBA at NYU Shanghai as an inclusive environment that is open to all.


China Care Club

The goal of the China Care Club at NYU Shanghai is to make a difference in both the local and greater community in China through organized service projects and regular long-term volunteering commitments. With a special focus on benefiting needy children in orphanages and children with disabilities, we hope to provide students at NYU Shanghai with an enriching opportunity to help others and make the world a better place.

Speech and Debate

The Collective Voice: More Than Debate

Our club will be divided into two tiers that complement each other but are different in structure, thus allowing students to participate in various communication formats. When undertaken in succession, these various formats will allow each member to see where he or she stands on a given topic and to walk away with the skills to fully articulate that perspective in the real world. The first aspect of the club is a discussion-based forum, while the second aspect of the club is a more formalized debate activity. Each session will cover the same topic, chosen in advance. Thus, the club cycle will repeat itself every two weeks. We also see this club as an opportunity to bring in guest speakers on a monthly or bimonthly basis. These individuals will be industry professionals, international affairs experts, or people with experience in rhetoric.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that is dedicated to challenging tomorrow’s leaders to “think globally, act locally.” Our mission is to encourage our members to make positive contributions to our multicultural world by fostering rational discussion on issues that are plaguing our world today and emphasizing collaboration and cooperative resolution of conflict. We strive to enrich participants’ international outlook by discussing politics, international relations and issues, and the need for reasonable solutions in a real-world context. We are committed to improving students’ understanding of political issues and the institutional workings of the United Nations whilst stimulating friendship, emphasizing personal development, and promoting leadership within society, all while embracing the spirit of the United Nations as outlined in the UN Charter: “To practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another…and to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security.”