Health Promotion & Health Education

Alcohol Awareness

It is very important to provide sound knowledge and responsible attitudes to students about the consumption of alcohol.  For this reason,  it is mandatory for all incoming students to undertake and complete AlcoholEdu for college as part of the mandatory registration requirements at NYU Shanghai.


Have questions about sexuality, sexual health, safer sex, intimacy, or anything else related to sex? Ask the Sexpert, a sexual health educator within the Student Health Center who provides an online confidential question-and-answer forum for current NYU students. Just email your questions to the Sexpert at You can also email the Sexpert to schedule an appointment to meet in person. All communication is confidential. Don't be afraid to ask your question—the Sexpert has heard it all!

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Health and Wellness offers a weekly program of guest speakers who address contemporary health and wellness topics impacting young adults.  Our goal is to introduce students to general health knowledge and encourage them to participate in activities which promote personal development and self care.    We offer students a healthy lunch and an interesting environment to learn good skills for a healthy life. Please contact for further information and registration.


Health and Wellness hosts a weekly forum to discuss many of the issues college students may face.  In small groups, students are guided by health professionals to discuss a range of topics and sensitive issues impacting their lives.   

Mindfulness Group

Health & Wellness hosts weekly relaxation/mindfulness group.  The group will consist of 2-3 relaxation/mindfulness exercises (e.g. breathing and awareness exercises that bring our attention to the present moment) and a brief group discussion afterwards. Participants are encouraged to provide feedback about the group as well as ideas for future group activities. The purpose of the group is to help students learn new ways to manage the stressors of academics, relationship, and family conflicts and use relaxation and mindfulness skills as coping strategies. This group is coordinated by professional counselors.

Q Chat

Q Chat is an anonymous online discussion space where students can receive resources and support for topics related to gender and sexuality or just connect with other students. To sign on, visit

Quit and Win Smoking Cessation

These individualized confidential services are available to all NYU Shanghai students at no cost and provide a terrific opportunity to experience the benefits of a smoke-free life. To get started, please stop by the Office of Health and Wellness or fill out the attached form. Once you submit this information, a health promotion specialist will respond to your inquiry to set up an appointment. The program includes an informational session, nicotine replacement gum, and support.