Health Insurance

Health Insurance Requirements

All NYU Shanghai students are required to have health insurance.

All International students at NYU Shanghai are required to have Geoblue or HTH Worldwide which offers global coverage for the full academic year.

More information on insurance regarding US/International students can be found here

We highly recommend Chinese national students enroll in the PingAn - Complimentary insurance as this covers inpatient service, which supplements mandatory Chinese Citizen Insurance.

All Chinese National students travelling outside China on university-related programs are required to purchase HTH Study Abroad Insurance if they wish to participate. This includes conferences, summer course, internships as well as study abroad programs.

Medical Services Near Campus

Affiliated Medical Centers/Hospitals

Emergency Hospital for all NYU Shanghai students:
Shanghai East Hospital

Chinese National Students:

Outpatient Services

Primary care providers recommended for international students: network of convenient locations in Shanghai. HTH insurance is accepted at these facilities. We recommend that you explore available medical services.