Meet the Career Development Team

Meet the Career Development Team:



Hao Guo

Assistant Director, Career Development
Director, Employer Relations

“Hao Hao” Guo is responsible for providing guidance and support to students through their career planning, decision-making, and job search processes. Her primary focus is on employer relations and building long-term collaboration with external partners for programs such as such as Off-Campus Internship, Industry Mentorship and On-Campus Recruitment. In addition to these responsibilities, she also collaborate closely with the NYU campus in New York City and NYU Abu Dhabi career development centers. She holds a master’s degree from East China Normal University.


Jenny Lee Northey

Career Counselor, Career Development

Jenny's primary focus is to provides guidance and support to students in all years with career planning, decision making, and graduate school/job search processes. In addition to offering one-on-one counseling, she also implements a range of career skill workshops through the year, creates and maintains the center's career resources and website, and provide general support for CDC initiatives and programs. In addition, she manages the areas of assessment and marketing strategy for the CDC. Jenny previously worked in various roles in higher education, as well as an elementary educator teaching various grades in Canada and Mexico. She earned her B.A. (Honors) and B.Ed from Queen’s University, and is completing graduate studies focused in educational technology at the University of British Columbia. Outside of work, Jenny has a voracious appetite for books, outdoor adventure, travel and culinary cuisine alike. Her interests also include non-profit work and issues pertaining to women, including being an active advocate and public speaker against human trafficking.



Shimeng (Linda) Mai

Senior Associate, Career Development

Linda's primary focus is employer relations. She establishes and maintains effective relationships with both Chinese and multinational organizations who are interested in NYU Shanghai and the student body. She is also responsible for providing professional services and partnering with employers to meet business needs. Before joining NYU Shanghai, Linda worked at a world-leading electrical manufacturer in their Pennsylvania and Shanghai offices. She graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.B.A in HR Management and Finance. Linda is a coffee lover, spicy foodie, and avid traveler. In her spare time, Linda is passionate about community service for social impact, shared economy exploration, and society connectivity. 


Yuwei Gu

Senior Associate, Career Development

Yuwei Gu provides career advising and support including career exploration, decision making and job search for underclassmen. She oversees the NYU Executive Alumni Mentor Program, which allows students to connect with executive level NYU alumni currently working in Asia, and manages the Summer Housing Internship Scholarship Program, which encourages students to seek for professional development during the summer break. She offers support for NYU Shanghai student workers in terms of pre-professional skills training and Outstanding Student Worker recognition. In addition, she supports career skill-building workshops, panels and student career conferences. Yuwei earned her master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from East China Normal university. Yuwei is passionate about higher education, arts, teaching and coaching, and love supporting students in making the most of their college. She is also an experienced second language teacher and enthusiastic about exploring cutting-edge topics especially in communication, IT and entrepreneurship.


Jenna Jiang

Associate, Career Development

Jenna's primary focus is to support the On-Campus Recruitment program and Career Fairs, which create various opportunities for students to communicate with employers directly. She is also responsible for the career related aspect of senior student's graduation documents. Jenna holds two master degrees, one in Social and Organizational Psychology from University of Exeter and another in Industry and Organizational Psychology from East China Normal University. Jenna likes reading books and doing yoga. In her spare time, Jenna is interested in exploring how psychology theories and Chinese culture could make our life better.