USA/International Admissions FAQs

General FAQs
  • How do I contact the NYU Shanghai Office of Financial Support?

    If you have questions or concerns regarding financial support, please contact one of our expert financial aid counselors at

  • What other aid may be available to me?

    You may be eligible for federal student loans and/or federal parent PLUS loans. Amounts will be offered, but you can decide whether you would like to pursue those options. Instructions on how to pursue those loans, as well as detailed information about interest rates, and other loan details will be provided via your “To Do” list on Albert, and you can link to here for more information.  Students cannot take out more loans than their total financial aid already offered (i.e. scholarship and/or Pell Grant) minus the Cost of Attendance (for most NYU Shanghai students, the Cost of Attendance is $56,650 for the academic year).

  • I was awarded a scholarship from NYU Shanghai. If I’m eligible for federal financial aid, how will this affect my scholarship?

    In most cases your scholarship will not be affected and, if eligible, the aid will be in addition to the current scholarship amount.

    There is an exception – if your NYU Shanghai scholarship plus your Federal Pell Grant (if eligible) exceeds the total Cost of Attendance, the scholarship will be reduced. This is because you would otherwise receive more aid than the cost of attendance. If your scholarship is reduced for this reason, then it’s important to note that you are not losing funding - you’ll continue to net the same amount of aid, but you will have two sources of aid - one from NYU and one from the Federal Pell Grant (for those who qualify). Combined, it will match your final amount of scholarship previously offered and be the amount of the standard cost of attendance. The maximum Pell Grant for which a student may be eligible for the 2013-2014 aid year is $5,645.

    Not all students are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. If you’re eligible for loans, and have a scholarship, the amount of the scholarship will not be affected.

  • How often do I have to complete the FAFSA?

    To be considered for federal financial aid, you will need to complete the form each year after January 1 for the following academic year. More information will be available when it’s time to file in the future.

  • Am I eligible for additional federal funding?

    Federal aid eligibility starts with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (the FAFSA).  If you’ve already completed one for the upcoming academic year, the Office of Financial Aid has reviewed your application for additional eligibility. 

    If you have not filed a FAFSA and wish to do so, you can apply via You will be asked to identify a school/school code to which you wish to release your data for review. NYU Shanghai's school code is 002785 - the same as NYU in New York. Students should apply as soon as possible. While you can apply during the academic year, you are encouraged to file as early as possible and no later than 2 weeks before the end of your final semester for the academic year. 

  • Am I able to change my campus location after I’m admitted? What about my financial aid package?

    NYU is committed to the well-being of our students.  We will do everything we can to make sure a student's experience is both academically and socially fulfilling. However, should a student decide that NYU Shanghai is not the right fit, a request for a change of campus may be considered.  Such a request should be made in writing directly to the Dean of Admissions.

    Admitted students to NYU Shanghai should be aware, however, that the level of financial aid and support at each NYU campus varies – as the funding for our various scholarships and grants varies.  As a result, we will likely not be able to offer the same level of financial support on our New York campus as a student may receive on our Shanghai or Abu Dhabi campuses.

  • What kind of degree can I obtain from NYU Shanghai?

    Students at NYU Shanghai will receive the following diploma/certificate upon the successful completion of their study:

    1. A bachelor degree conferred by New York University

    2. A bachelor degree conferred by 上海纽约大学 (NYU Shanghai)

    3. A bachelor degree conferred by 上海纽约大学 (NYU Shanghai)

    NYU Shanghai is recognized in China as the first China-U.S. joint university that is authorized to grant degrees, certified by China's Ministry of Education.

  • Does NYU Shanghai accept transfer students?

    NYU Shanghai does not currently accept transfer students, only applications from first-year applicants are currently considered.

  • Do I need to live on campus in the Residence Halls?

    All students are required to live in our residence halls. Residential life, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities are central to your experience at NYU Shanghai. Living in our residence halls is a great way to be engaged in all aspects of NYU Shanghai.

  • How much is tuition at NYU Shanghai for US/International Students?

    As part of NYU’s global network, tuition at NYU Shanghai is consistent with tuition at NYU in New York, which is approximately 42,000 USD per year (excluding miscellaneous fees and living expenses). NYU Shanghai will also make financial aid available for international students. In addition, merit scholarships will also be available for top students.

  • What majors does NYU Shanghai offer?

    NYU Shanghai offers an array of majors and minors/concentrations, with additional options phased in over time. Initial offerings include majors in the areas of Humanities, Biology, Neural Science, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Interactive Media Arts, Business & Finance, and Economics.

  • What is NYU Shanghai looking for?

    An outstanding transcript is necessary but does not guarantee a place at NYU Shanghai; we evaluate a student’s overall abilities. First, our students must all be able to communicate in and out of the classroom. We require all students to have a strong grasp of English – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our classes will be conducted in English. With regard to individual characteristics, the ideal NYU Shanghai student will possess a willingness to open him/herself to new experiences, a sense of intellectual adventure, and a desire to push him/herself by learning to listen and ask questions. At his/her core, the NYU Shanghai student possesses a deep sense of curiosity, a sense of civic responsibility, and empathy. In short, we are looking for tomorrow’s inventors, entrepreneurs, scholars, and leaders.

  • What is the admission process at NYU Shanghai?

    Applicants will be rigorously evaluated not only on the basis of national entrance examinations like the all-important Gaokao for Chinese students, but through a holistic analysis of multiple quantitative and qualitative variables. Similar to the admission process at NYU, both Chinese and international students are required to complete and submit the Common Application, the application US universities utilize to learn things about applicants that grades and test scores cannot reveal. In addition to submitting the Common Application, all competitive Chinese applicants will be invited to attend a Candidate Weekend, a unique program to determine student fit with NYU Shanghai.