Interactive Media Arts

Interactive Media Arts (IMA) is focused on exploring the expressive possibilities brought about by emerging forms of technology, media, and communication. In concert with the liberal arts core, student interests drive an ever-evolving project-based curriculum, that is designed to facilitate the acquisition of both the conceptual insights and practical skills needed to build the innovative human-centered design projects imagined by our students. IMA students are challenged to create interactive systems that connect people, facilitate participation, convey information, communicate stories, enhance experiences, and otherwise augment, improve, and bring both meaning and delight to people's lives. This may involve the development of software, the manipulation of digital media, the fabrication of material objects, the production of electronic devices, the construction of virtual and physical spaces, or the investigation of as yet unrealized forms.

Experimentation and risk taking are encouraged as we seek to harness the synergistic potentials of both scientific and artistic methods to first understand and then redefine how humans interact with their tools, environments, and one another. Graduates will be prepared to more fully participate in a world in which change is elemental, and the fields of business, the humanities, and the sciences increasingly require essential fluency in interactive media.

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