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Biology is concerned with the workings of life in all its varied forms. Over the past few decades, the life sciences have been revolutionized by the development of molecular, cellular, genomic, and bioinformatics techniques that are now being applied to study fundamental processes in organisms. As a result, there has been a transformation in the understanding of life, from the genetic networks that guide how embryos develop to uncovering—at unprecedented resolution—natural genetic variation and how life adapts to diverse environments. These and other discoveries in biology have shaped society by improving human health, enhancing rational management of our environment, developing forensic science, and augmenting the production of renewable energy with the concomitant sequestering of pollutants. In addition, the rapid growth of the life sciences has fueled new ethical and legal issues that impinge on biological discoveries and their applications.

Building on the foundational integrated science courses, students in the Biology track of the Biological and Behavioral Sciences major learn to use the contemporary tools and approaches that are available to solve problems in areas of the current life sciences. Intermediate and advanced courses provide a broad and intensive background in modern biology for those interested in careers in research, health-related fields, biotechnology, and education, among others. The advanced courses emphasize the fundamental concepts and principles mastered in the Foundations of Science sequence, continuing the emphasis on using interdisciplinary approaches to understand the natural world.

The Biology track of the Biological and Behavioral Sciences major is taught by faculty who carry out research in state-of-the-art laboratories in various areas in the life sciences. The Biology program at NYUSH has strong interactive ties with the Department of Biology and the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at NYU in New York, the Biology program at NYUAD, as well as with other laboratories across the NYU Global Network.

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